Install UBIQ Fusion Desktop Wallet (Windows 10)

This tutorial will show you how to install the original UBIQ Fusion Wallet on your Windows 10 PC and how to create a your first wallet address.

With this wallet address you can then start mining.

  1. Go to scroll down a little until you see the section Fusion [Desktop]. Then select Windows x64. The download starts directly.
  2. Run/Execute the downloaded file by double click. (look in you downloaded files for Fusion-Win64……exe)
  3. After running that file you will be asked several questions. The first is to confirm the license agreement. Simply click on I Agree.
  4. Now you are asked for program files destination. If you don’t know about this just click Next >
  5. Next question is where to store the blockchain data. Just click Install if you don’t know a better place.
  6. Installation will now start! This may take a minute. After installing just click Close
  7. That it. Now you have Fusion installed and a shortcut created on your desktop. Just close the opened file browser window.
  8. Search and double click the Fusion icon on your desktop to start the wallet.
  9. The wallet will need to have access to the internet. So please confirm the firewall bypass by clicking Allow access.
  10. Fusion will now start syncing the ubiq blockain to your computer. Click on LAUNCH APPLICATION



At this point you have a fully funcional ubiq wallet installed. But now you need to create a wallet to start transferring and mining UBIQ’s

  1. If you just see the ubiq website after launching the application. Please click on UBIQ WALLET from the left side menu.
    And click on ADD ACCOUNT
  2. At the next popup just click Create new account
  3. You will be asked for a password to secure your account. You should really not loose this password. If you loose it you will not be able to recover your accounts contents! So please write it down in a safe place!
  4. Confirm your password by typing it a second time.
  5. Thats it… your account will be created…


Follow this steps to copy your accounts address to your clipboard

  1. Go to your wallets and click on the wallet from which you want to copy the address.
  2. Now you are on your chosen account just click on Copy to Clipboard
  3. Done… now you can just paste your account address where ever you need with the key combination CRTL+V

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