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Install UBIQ Fusion Desktop Wallet (Windows 10)

This tutorial will show you how to install the original UBIQ Fusion Wallet on your Windows 10 PC and how to create a your first wallet address.

With this wallet address you can then start mining.

  1. Go to scroll down a little until you see the section Fusion [Desktop]. Then select Windows x64. The download starts directly.
  2. Run/Execute the downloaded file by double click. (look in you downloaded files for Fusion-Win64……exe)
  3. After running that file you will be asked several questions. The first is to confirm the license agreement. Simply click on I Agree.
  4. Now you are asked for program files destination. If you don’t know about this just click Next >
  5. Next question is where to store the blockchain data. Just click Install if you don’t know a better place.
  6. Installatio...
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