EasyMiner v0.7.1.0 Download for Windows

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  • September 6, 2017 Create Date

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Sorry... download URL for claymore changed a week ago. Issue is now fixed and all new installations will work!

MinerHQ.net - EasyMiner releases

- Added PIRL coin pool

- Fixed FALSE positive malware detection by Windows defender! (I was programming some function to detect users idle time for start mining. Windows defender opted its malware 🙁 )
- Removed DAXX coin as i think its scam.

- Now executable code is signed by oficial code signing certificate for more trust 😉
- Fixed issue not showing GPU list when Claymore was not reporting GPUs temperature
- Update to Claymore's dual miner v10.0
- Added AMD Vega compatibility
- Fixed display of wrong pool stats after changing coin to mine
- Set default coin to Musicoin

- Added Soilcoin pool
- Added Expanse pool
- Added Ethereum Classic pool
- Added Daxxcoin pool
- Added etherminer.org Ethereum pool

- Added Autostart on windows start
- Added start mining on App start
- Added start app minimized
- Create miner name automaticly

- Added Musicoin Pool
- Added Dubaicoin DBIX Pool
- Added Pool statistics
- Added Miner Statistics
- Added GPU information
- Removed miner DOS window
- Windows will not suspend while application is running
- and some minor bug fixes

- Initial release with support for Ethereum and Ubiq mining.

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