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Ubiq (UBQ) pool

We are proud to present our Ubiq mining pool! Proportional payments every 10 minutes and 0% promotional fee.

We support Stratum and Getwork mining.





Mining with ethminer:

Hostname: ubiq.minerhq.net
Port: 8889

Full example: ethminer -F http://ubiq.minerhq.net:8889/YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS/RIG_ID -G --farm-recheck 200


Mining with claymore:

Hostname: ubiq.minerhq.net
Port: 8009

Full example: EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool ubiq.minerhq.net:8009 -ewalYOUR_ETH_ADDRESS -epsw x -eworker RIG_ID

For more instructions please the pools website: http://ubiq.minershq.net


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